Study of Youth Art: Experiments in Texture

This project, along with the Pinterest board, personal artwork, and a research brief, explores the development of textural experimentation created by younger artists who a learning to develop their own artistic concepts with a formal quality that focuses on texture. 


This board explores a variety of art created by middle and high school students. Most examples are primarily focusing on high school students and their sketchbook exploration of multitudes of textures. A few final products are pinned to show a possible outcome from medium experimentation.


As a student of art in high school, I was pushed to experiment with mediums and especially those mediums that were not normally typical in the art classroom. Going back to those creative roots, I remembered that my favorite material was joint-compound on wood. I also remembered, that while the texture created by the joint-compound is unique, it is also fragile. So, for this experiment, I searched for a material that can provide the same physical texture as a joint-compound. In the end, I settled on a silicone caulking material used in construction. The material is flexible, forgiving, and provides great voluminous texture. Neutral earth-tone hues were used to add color to the textural piece as a contrast to the intricate textures created on the wood. 

Lobuzova, 2020. Experiment 1. Mixed media. 

Lobuzova, 2020. Experiment 1 Detail. Mixed media. 


This research brief focuses on the need for teaching experimental artwork within the classroom that allows students to find their own voice and create unique projects by learning through the process of experimentation, texture, and play.