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     I am a visual artist and art educator living and practicing in South Florida. Creatively, my process is nostalgia-driven, and culture-inspired. When teaching or researching, the projects are driven by socially conscious ideas that push students to think beyond their normal settings. As a life-long learner, I search for new techniques to teach my students and to consistently encourage them to experiment with new thoughts and mediums. I believe in the power of art contests for myself and for my students. Participating in local, national, and international contests is a great way to exhibit work. There is nothing more gratifying than being proud of your own work. 


     Working in an educational setting runs in the family. While the subjects of education vary, I can say that there was a calling. While in college, I studied graphic design, and worked as a peer advisor guiding students through their college journey. Much of the information provided to the students was from my own experiences as a college student, and it was humbling to provide a helping hand to those seeking advice in navigating their educational journey. At one point, I got the opportunity to work in a middle and high school as an art teacher; and working in such a setting was a no-brainer. Teaching art to students is a very unique opportunity because art pertains to all subjects in life. It is a global phenomenon that, if taught with purpose, can motivate students to create connections with the world through artistic endeavors.


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